Guys. :’(

I keep scrolling through the blogs of BVB and it makes me want to cry. You guys are kinda right; The BVB Army is falling apart. Being run by mostly fangirls. We are all being thrown down by the outcasts, becoming outcasts of the outcasts. When will this stop? Please guys, try to understand what your doing here. And for those of you who want to leave, we’re only making the army weaker. If we leave, then who will be left standing? And the few left will finally succumb to pressure. We need to stay, to stand up for what’s right and for our brothers and sisters that are being relentlessly pounded by the screaming fangirls. This is not acceptable. I will not leave. I will stay until I’m the last one standing that still loves BVB in the way they were meant to be loved, not eaten up by the crazed people who call themselves the Wild Ones. This army needs it’s own rebellion. We need to once more be heard above the riot. I love each and every one of you, not for your beauty, and not for your looks, but for your love of the band that had helped so many and saved us: The Outcasts. I love you fangirls too, but you have to understand, we know you may not like Juliet, Ella, Lauren, or Sammi ( I have no idea why you’d hate them, they all are sweet and have great personalities, I think the men chose well) but does that give you any right to post it on the internet for those who care to see? We get you don’t like them, and I know the internet is for people that want to rant and such, but the army doesn’t need this. Instead of being treated like crap by others, which is still happening, we are slowly dissolving from the inside. We stand for everything society looks down on because we aren’t like them, and I’m proud of that, but if we’re to squelch the hatred of those who discard us, we must first stand united. I hope I’m being inspiring with this, and if I’m misunderstood by those of you who think I hate the army and want nothing to do with it, you are wrong. I hope to mend the cuts and tears, to stitch the wounds that damaging words have marked and scarred us so thoroughly to the point where we all look guilty. I am prepared to lead the kids who are willing to stand with me and try to reach the people who so obviously need to stop this hate. So, who’s with me? Or am I alone?

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